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Important message!
Dear all,
Because of the Coronavirus, RPM has decided to suspend all activities, regardless of location, until April 28. We do not want to put people, whom we care deeply about, at unnecessary risk. With this decision, we follow COA/AZC guidelines plus the most recent restrictions by the Dutch government.
We will try to continue some of our activities online. Please let us know if you have questions or comments regarding our decision. Stay healthy, stay safe.

Love, RPM ❤️

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What does Refugee Project Maastricht mean to us?

Happy Birthday to the Refugee Project Maastricht! We celebrate three years of RPM! In this video, our volunteers tell us what RPM means to them!

Events & Activities

(currently suspended until April 28)
Monthly hikes
Join the Refugee Project Maastricht Sports team for relaxing monthly hikes around the beautiful Limburg area! Use this opportunity to get some fresh air, get...
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Dutch Lessons
Every Wednesday, there is a Dutch lesson, which aims to teach people how to read, write and use the Dutch language. So feel welcome and...
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Arabic Classes
مرحبا كيفكون؟؟ If you want to know what this means and how to write this properly, join our weekly Arabic classes! The Arabic classes teach...
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English Lessons
English Lessons (weekly event) •Date: Every Tuesday •Time: 16:00 – 17:30 •Location: School of Business & Economics Tongersestraat 53 - Room 53, E1. 09 No...
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Women’s Cafe
Women's Cafe (weekly event) •Date: Every Thursday •Time: 16:00 – 18:00 •Location: AZC, Parkweg 20 Creative weekly event for woman! Sign up and join us...
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Indoor Soccer
Indoor Soccer (weekly event) •Date: Starting Friday, January 10th (then every following Friday after) •Time: 15:30 – 17:00 •Location: Basisschool Sint Pieter (we will walk...
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Dutch Language Cafe
Do you want to practice Dutch and meet some new people over a nice cup of coffee or tea? Do you love to chat and...
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Zumba (Women only)
Zumba (weekly event) Date: Starting Wednesday, January 15th (then every following Wednesday after) Time: 18:00 – 19:00 Location: AZC Recreation Room Join us for Zumba...
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Recipe exchange
Our last recipe exchange event @ the InnBetween!
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Women’s Cafe
Our last women's cafe at the AZC! Well done, it is beautiful.    
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RPM Volunteers Night
RPM volunteers met up for a karaoke night on the 15th of November at the InnBetween! Food, singing and lots of laughter were the perfect...
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RPM Turns 4!
Last Sunday, RPM celebrated its 4th Birthday! Families and volunteers came to celebrate this moment. Food, artistic activities for the kids, music, zumba, you name...
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Pizza Night
RPM volunteers met up for a pizza night on 22nd of March at the InnBetween! Pizza, music and some paint were the perfect components for...
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University of Maryland Visits RPM
On Friday 18th January the Refugee Project Maastricht had a group of university student visit us from the University of Maryland. As a group they...
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Team-building Day
To start the new year right, the board of RPM gathered to hold their first team-building event. Our team heads bonded with each other over...
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Welcome Dinner
On 16th November, we had a wonderful “Welcome Dinner” with delicious food and a lot of lovely people. You can go on our Facebook page to...
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