Hey Ally! What is your role at RPM?  

Hi! I’m the coordinator for the English team and I help tutor the basic language group on Tuesdays.

Why did you decide to get involved with RPM?  

I had been looking for something meaningful to do outside of Uni and had not really found anything until by complete accident, a good friend of mine told me about RPM. Having had some prior experience teaching English as a second language, I felt like it would be a great opportunity to get creative and have some fun and hopefully help at least one person to the best of my abilities.

What has been your favourite moment at RPM so far?

So many! During one of our language groups, we wrote on paper lanterns everything we were thankful for that year. The overwhelming consensus was being able to spend time together each week practicing English (okay, that might have been just people being kind!), but also just enjoying each other’s company and laughing together each week. Another great one was our Winter game where we did a scavenger hunt through the Christmas market together (shout out to my awesome team mates in team Phoenix River!). We sang, we took goofy pictures, and ran in the rain. It was wonderful.

Sounds fun! Why did you choose to work in the English Team specifically?

Mainly because of my extremely poor Dutch skills, admittedly. I’m kidding! My good friend Jacqui asked me to join her language group and I did, the rest is pretty much history.

So how can people get involved in the Language Cafés?

Easily! Anyone is welcome to participate in our Intercultural Cafés every Friday at the InnBetween (see our FB page for more details!) or, for all you awesome ladies out there, our Women’s Café will be launching at the end of this month (Mondays at 5pm!). If you have any questions or would like to do more, you can always contact me or my Dutch partner in crime Heleen at