April News

April News

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From all the events that happened during April, here is a small summary of some of the most important events. Let us know in the comment box or on social media if this summary was helpful or if we missed any news you think should appear here.

*Last update 27th of April


Coronavirus infections in the refugee camps are inevitable.- Increase in the demands of NGO’s to the EU to act quickly and in a humanitarian way to prevent a massive infection among thousands of asylum seekers.

Read more:The Guardian (April 2020) “’Coronavirus doesn’t respect barbed wire’: concern mounts for Greek camps”

Unaccompanied child migrants are relocated in Luxembourg.- As the refugee camps are overloaded, the Greek government started to relocated minors in different European nations. Twelve children out of the 1, 600 that is planned to be relocated were moved to Luxembourg during the third week of April. Once the kids arrive at their destination they will be quarantined.

Read more: BBC (April 2020) “Greece relocates unaccompanied migrant children to Luxembourg”

Refugee Quotas Deal Violated.- Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic would not be accepting the 16,000 refugees as their “agreement to distribute” was finalized. The EU court considered this a violation.

Read more: The New York Times (April 2020) “E.U. Court Rules 3 Countries Violated Deal on Refugee Quotas”

Refugee Camp in Turkey


Italian ports close, rescue boats cant land .- As a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Italian government decided to close boats, affecting the landing of rescue boats. A German rescue ship with 156 migrants, was ordered to sent the passengers to another vessel and quarantined.

Read more: BBC (April 2020) “ Coronavirus: Italy orders rescued migrants onto quarantine ship”

Refugees join the forces to fight against the coronavirus.- As the National Health Service in England looks for medical support workers to fight the COVID-19, hundreds of refugees, as well as other foreign-born health care workers, join the forces.

Read more: The Guardian (April 2020) “Refugees among hundreds of overseas medics to respond to NHS call”

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

More than 2 million tested positive.- According to data recollected by John Hopkins University, the amount of people tested positive by April 18th was 2,995,456. The number of registered deaths caused by coronavirus so far is 207,582.

Read more:John Hopkins University (April, 18th 2020) “CORONAVIRUS RESOURCE CENTER”

European countries ease lockdown.- Germany joins the list of countries who slowly are taking measure to reopen. Among others Denmark has reopened some schools, Spain has allowed construction and manufacturing workers to return, Austria reopened thousands of small shops. However other nations like France have extended the lockdown.

Read more:BCC (April 2020) “Coronavirus: Germany slowly eases lockdown measures”

African countries face a lack or non-existence of ventilators.- Ten African countries don’t have any ventilator at all, while in other nations the number of ventilators is less than five. Among the lack of ventilators, the African continent faces a deficiency of medical supplies, oxygen, health staff and institutions as well as potable water and soap.

Read more: The New York Times (April 2020) “10 African Countries Have No Ventilators. That’s Only Part of the Problem.”

Coronavirus in big cats.- The first case of coronavirus detected in a tiger. The four-year-old female Malayan tiger resident at the Bronx Zoo in New York is believed it was infected by a zoo employee who was asymptomatically while he was working at the installations.

Read more:CNN (April 2020) “A tiger at the Bronx Zoo tests positive for coronavirus” Website:


Practicing social distancing in a London’s pharmacy


Worldwide news

World economy expected a downturn worse than the Great Depression.- According to the International Monetary Fund, the world economy will shrink at a faster pace than it did during the Great Depression, there is also a risk of a subsequent recession produced by a debt crisis from the governments.

Read more: BBC (April 2020) “Coronavirus: World economy ‘may face double recession’”

Two weeks ceasefire in Yemen.- Saudi Arabia declares a two-week ceasefire in Yemen as a way to prevent the spread of coronavirus. This ceasefire is also expected it to allow the creation of an environment that allows the United Nations to host a meeting to seek for a permanent ceasefire in Yemen, between the Saudi-backed government in Aden and  Houthi rebels in Sanaa.

Read more:CNN (April 2020) “Saudi Arabia declares ceasefire in Yemen over coronavirus”

U.S.A. suspends W.H.O. funding.- President Donald Trump blames the World Health Organization (WHO) for COVID-19 deaths and suspends U.S funding of the organization. Yearly the USA contributed 100 million dollars.

Read more:The Independent (April 2020) “Coronavirus: Trump suspends WHO funding and blames organisation for COVID-19 deaths”

Protest against the lockdown rise in the USA.- Thousand of people around the northeast state of Michigan protested to demand an end to the coronavirus lockdown. Many of the protestors were armed and some of them protested in their cars.

Read more: The Guardian (April 2020) “Armed protesters demand an end to Michigan’s coronavirus lockdown orders – video”

The oil industry will reduce its production by 9.7 million barrels.- As the demand has diminished, the major oil producer countries agreed to reduce the number of barrels produced per day. The measure taken after the coronavirus pandemic affected the demand of oil barrels is the largest cutdown in history.

Read more: The NewYork Times (April 2020) “The Big Deal to Cut Oil Production May Not Be Big Enough”

Oil pipes image