Ariane and Jordi

Ariane and Jordi

Ariane Ma has become a vital part of the Refugee Project, along with Jordi Ferrer they have created and organised the English Language Café ~ Engelse Taal Café! This February, they are leaving Maastricht for new experiences.

Thank you both for all your hard work. You will always have a special place in our hearts!

“Ariane is 21 years old and from Germany. She studies the Maastricht Science Program Bachelor with focus on chemistry. In the beginning of 2016, she met one of the founders of Refugee Project Maastricht, Inger Viktualia on a blablacar ride and was very interested. In summer 2016, she finally joined the Refugee Project Maastricht, first as English tutor and later as English Language Café organizer.

In her free time, Ariane enjoys a good book or hanging out with friends. She would like to do more sports, preferably martial arts, but university often gets in the way. Therefore, she only goes to ballroom dancing lessons once a week. She has enjoyed the time at the Refugee Project Maastricht a lot, learned more about other cultures and made some new friends. Sadly, she will have to leave for her Bachelor Thesis Research in Amsterdam but hopes to stay in touch with many of the amazing people she met.”

“My name is Jordi from Barcelona and I’m 20 years old. I came to Maastricht to study a Bachelor of Natural Sciences, and I fell in love with the city and its community. For this reason, I decided to help building on this community when I found out about the Refugee Project Maastricht in May 2016. Since then I tutored English for a few months and I started with my best friend the English Cafe, a weekly meeting in which we talk, play and get together. This has made my weeks for the last year, as I have met wonderful friends there! Now I need to leave to the UK for my studies, but all these memories will stay in my heart forever.”