Board Game Night

Board Game Night

Phil Blades, a volunteer here at RPM, took part in last week’s Board Games Event. Here’s his take on the night!

“On February 9th, we had our first event of the New Year. The event for that day was the Board Games Night and it was a great success! The InnBetween was busy with people enjoying themselves playing all kinds of games, in Dutch and English.

We started off with a rousing game of Musical Chairs. Starting out strong, the competition was high for everyone involved. It came right down to the last chair and it could have been anybody’s game. After a few games of musical chairs, everybody in the room was on the edge of their seats! Literally! The competition was fierce but fun was had by everybody.
After the exciting conclusion of musical chairs, everyone sat down to play their favourite games. With games like Jenga, Foosball, and Monopoly there was plenty to catch your interest.

From the corner of the room where a riveting Foosball match was taking place, there was a chorus of cheers as the winners of the tournament moved on to the next stage. The clatter of the Jenga blocks on the next table came alongside cries of frustration as previously steady hands lost out to gravity. The game of ‘Who Am I’ got everybody laughing as they tried to figure out who on earth they were, apparently not everybody was as successful as they had hoped. The game of Monopoly was tense, with all of the players eventually losing to the dreaded hotels.
There was a great deal going on everywhere in the InnBetween, but no matter where you looked, people were having fun. In the end, it was a great event, full of fun and tons of friendly competition.

The next event will be held on the 23rd of February where the InnBetween will host us again for the A Celebration of our Mother Languages-An Open Mic Afternoon, a place to come and celebrate your native language. We can’t wait to see you there!