A commmunity of care

In these unique times of social distancing and closed borders, empty schools and virtual workspaces, we are experiencing a form of separation that most of us are unfamiliar with. In order to keep our loved ones safe from the novel Corona virus we have been asked to distance ourselves from our extended family, friends, roommates, colleagues and vulnerable members of our community. Unable to leave the confinements of our…

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SOS – Bring the people in Moria in safety

Currently, the 22,000 people in the Moria camp live under the serious threat of COVID-19. This is a call on Europe to bring the people of Moria in safety. Refugee Project Maastricht stands with Moria! Protect people not borders! Evacuate the camp now!! Don't forget to share your picture with #sosmoria and make sure that we #leavenoonebehind. And make sure to sign and share the petition: https://en.sosmoria.eu/?fbclid=IwAR3oIQPVSOgwUVm0aEPSr36ezHtl889qsqevpke4T62KXqZ7u31drlJGn5c    

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