We are extremely happy to announce that Refugee Project Maastricht has been chosen as one of the good causes for the Duckrace Maastricht 2018. This Mother’s Day thousands of rubber duckies were released into the Jeker River to race their way to victory, scoring prizes for their owners. The money raised went to a number of good local causes, including us!

With this money we hope to make our current program of activities even better and carry out a few more plans we did not think were possible until now. Some of our plans include:

  • Host more fun activities, like monthly dinners, weekly instead of monthly sports events at UM Sports and events specifically for women and children
  • Attend more cultural events in Maastricht, like music and theatre shows, and sports events.
  • Buy better learning materials for our language classes and homework tutoring, and equipment for our sports, music and arts activities.
  • Launch a Maastricht wide outreach campaign to make contact with refugees living in the community and the local dutch residents.
  • Provide bike lessons for refugees and find ways of making getting to our events easier.

Our campaign is being supported by Maastricht University, The University Fund Limburg, Jules Maastricht, and now hopefully you too!