‘A highly individual journey’: Ramadan under lockdown

Praying and breaking the fast together are important elements of Ramadan. How do muslims experience Ramadan in times of lockdown? For the Belgian newswebsite MO*, writer and RPM volunteer Wim Peumans interviewed Onur, who migrated from Turkey to Belgium. For Onur the experience of Ramadan has become highly individualized, especially during the current  anti-virus measures. […]

‘Until further notice’: life under lockdown in a German asylum centre

Since the 2016 military coup attempt the number of applicants from Turkey in the EU have five-folded to a record high. But what is life like for these refugees, especially in the troubling times of the corona crisis? Writer and RPM volunteer Wim Peumans published an article on their experiences in the Belgian newswebsite MO*. […]