The K5 is the only Maastricht Community Genter & Garden that is run collaboratively by students and refugees. It is located in the center of town, at Keizer Karelplein 5. The K5 forms the heart of RPM, offering a comprehensive weekly program of social events, fun activities and classes (language, art, culture), based on the needs and wishes of refugees. The goal of the Home Program is to strengthen ties to the local community. In addition to our social walk-ins, language classes, jam sessions, movie nights and cultural days, we aim to expand our 2021-2022 offer with crafting, cooking, art classes and a book club. A special part of the Home program is our gardening project. We believe that growing vegetables, plants, flowers and fruit together is food for the soul. It roots people and connects them to local traditions. Sharing food together is also an important part of community building and feeling at home in Maastricht. RPM students and refugees are responsible for two gardens at K5 and in addition, participate in three more existing community gardens: OHPII, Chateau St. Gerlach (Valkenburg) and the Tapijntuin. The success of the Home program depends on our ability to create a home with and for refugees. The Ambassadors program is the first point of contact for refugees who want to become active within RPM. RPM Ambassadors help bridge the gap between people living in the AZC refugee camp, student volunteers and locals. Their understanding of the needs of refugees and their ability to bring new people from the camp into our programs is critical to the success of RPM. Volunteering for the Ambassadors program takes time to build trust and mutual understanding.