Mother Language Day

Last Friday, the family of Refugee Project Maastricht concluded another wonderful event at the InnBetween: In celebration of the United Nation’s International Mother Language Day, we invited old and new friends of our community to a lovely Open-Mic afternoon that gave room to anyone who wanted to share his or her mother tongue with others. In order to cherish the beautiful linguistic and cultural diversity of our group, we sat up a Tree of Languages that was enriched by many, many leaves carrying beautiful messages from different corners of the world. This was a great starter and in the end of the day we had gathered a wide range of languages! Next to the nice conversations we had over a cup of tea and some cookies, every now and then someone from the group stood up and shared something in his or her mother language. We listened to a couple of poems, some of them which were self-written and very personal and others that rather represented something traditional about the speaker’s home country. We also enjoyed a couple of songs and artistic pieces that were not only pleasant to listen to, but very interactive as the group could sing along and get a better feeling of the content than just through the given translation.

The day was a wonderful occasion to celebrate the diversity and colorfulness of all the people calling Maastricht their home. We especially thank everyone who came to share personal messages with us and gave as a very close insight in the many different cultures that were present. We are excited to see you again at our next event!