Migration and mourning: a new path to understanding in Youssouf Amine Elalamy Prize-winning novel What a Lovely War

Published in 2019, What a Lovely War [C’est beau, la guerre] is the grand champion of the Orange Book Prize in Africa, 2020. Nominated by the Senegalese committee, the author is Youssouf Amine Elalamy, a Moroccan author also known as YAE. In 1991 and after a Master’s in English Literature, he received a Fulbright scholarship […]

RPM stands in solidarity with the KOZP protestors

By Sarra Riahi, RPM volunteer project Voice  Maastricht – On November 15th, the annual Kick Out Zwarte Piet demonstration was supposed to take place at the Vrijthof. Yet, demonstrators were led, for security matters, to the Mosae Forum in a last-minute move. It is still unclear whether the demonstration was able to take place. One […]

April News

From all the events that happened during April, here is a small summary of some of the most important events. Let us know in the comment box or on social media if this summary was helpful or if we missed any news you think should appear here. *Last update 27th of April Refugees Coronavirus infections […]