Here at RPM, we decided to start a new Volunteer of the Month section to show the fabulous work our volunteers are doing to support refugees in the local community. This month, we spoke to Pedro Cortez from the Social Events Team to find out what drives him to volunteer with RPM.

Hi Pedro! Describe yourself in a sentence!

Hi! I’m an adventurous person who is always looking for new challenges and creative ideas to solve them.

What is your role at the Refugee Project Maastricht?

Currently I’m a member of the Social Events team, where I’m helping to create a weekly kids café where refugee families, students and locals of Maastricht can exchange ideas or even just enjoy spending a good time together.

Why did you decide to volunteer with RPM?

I decided to volunteer with RPM because I realized that the refugee community in Maastricht is not integrated enough in the local environment and I wanted to help out in changing this situation. RPM was for me an obvious choice because I wanted to work in an organization which had both local social impact and initiatives which contribute to the refugees’ social integration.

What has been your favourite part of volunteering so far?

My favourite part so far in this experience has been having the opportunity to be a part of meaningful conversations with refugees, especially during our social events. This has allowed me to better understand the struggles that refugees often face whilst becoming a part of the community in Maastricht.