RPM at ELAINE Refugee Health Conference

The 1951 Refugee Convention states that refugees should enjoy equal access to health services equivalent to the host population. Nevertheless, many refugees and migrants often lack this access and financial protection for health!
So, what can we, as individuals of the host community do to spread awareness about this neglected problem and how can we be empowered to improve the health of refugees that are coming to Europe?#RefugeeProjectMaastricht had the unique opportunity to find answers to these questions at the ELAINE – European Local Authority Integration Network Conference that focussed on Health of Refugees in Maastricht. Our answers were found throughout a diverse set of research presentations, workshops and conversations about good practices with municipalities from Spain, Sweden, Denmark and the UK.

While we cannot solve the health problems from one day to the other, we realize the importance of cooperation on societal, municipal, national and European level to find a sustainable approach for this challenge ahead of us.

Thanks to Liliane Geraerds and the municipality of Maastricht for providing us with this enriching learning opportunity!

Next stop: translate theory into action!?