Volunteer/employees recruitment policy and procedure of the Refugee Project Maastricht

Within The InnBetween and Refugee Project Maastricht we are working with both volunteers and employees. They work with people in a vulnerable position. How does Maastricht Refugee Project deal with this in its recruitment policy?

Our organization can only exist through the efforts of all volunteers and employees. They use their talents and energy to build bridges between the local population, students and refugees.

Our starting point is that anyone can become a volunteer, as well as an employee (provided that positions are open). Volunteers are recruited through advertisements, meetings or spontaneous offers. To ensure that we continue to work with volunteers / employees with honest intentions now and in the future, there is a short procedure before becoming a volunteer / employee. A good hiring policy can prevent serious problems. By having a recruitment policy, people with wrong intentions will be more likely to be deterred from challenging a job within the organization. That is why the Refugee Project Maastricht takes the following steps when recruiting and deploying volunteers and employees:

• Refugee Project Maastricht (board member) has one or multiple intake meetings.

• We check possible references for employees.

• Volunteers are familiar with the Code of Conduct and must sign it through the volunteer agreement.

• There is a volunteer agreement in which, among other things, the amount of hours are recorded and which also includes a confidentiality agreement.

• Volunteers are familiar with the complaints procedure and the fact that a confidential advisor is available.

Every volunteer who works with minors, submits a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG: “Verklaring Omtrent Gedrag”)