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Without our enthusiastic volunteers, RPM wouldn’t be the welcoming and open community that we all love. We dedicate this section to show the fabulous work our volunteers are doing to support refugees in the local community. We would like to take this moment and thank all of you who are or have been part of our project. Without your motivation, your hard work and dedication, none of the things that we have done would have been possible. Thank you for making the RPM possible, and for making it your 3rd, 4th or 5th home away from home. Love, Team RPM
Hey Ally! What is your role at RPM?   Hi! I’m the coordinator for the English team and I help
Hey Rick! What is your role at RPM? Hello! I’m the coordinator of the Homework project at RPM. This means
Today we’re saying goodbye to one of our volunteers. Sarah was our designer in the Communications team since October and
Here at RPM, we decided to start a new Volunteer of the Month section to show the fabulous work our
After more than a year with the Refugee Project, Leonie Mayer is leaving Maastricht to continue her education. We would like to
Ariane Ma has become a vital part of the Refugee Project, along with Jordi Ferrer they have created and organised the English Language Café