Sports Team


You are interested in getting involved with the local (student) community and the refugees living in Maastricht, you enjoy sports and you have a flair for team leadership? Then you might be the perfect fit for us, because the Sport’s Team of the Refugee Project Maastricht is currently looking for a new Team Head! As the Head of the Sports Team, you are responsible for overseeing the sports activities of the Refugee Project Maastricht and you support the student volunteers in running the different activities and initiate new ones. You are the point of contact for other sports organizations in Maastricht as well as the people working at the refugee center and collaborate with them in organizing joint activities and projects. Together with the other Team Heads, you are also a member of the RPM Board and keep track of the overall team planning and RPM vision. Ideally, you have a flair for intercultural exchange, basic project management skills and leadership experience and enjoy working together with other students. If you are interested, please send your application to

Music Team


There are no vacancies at this moment. Please check again at a later point.

Language Project: English!


There are no vacancies at this moment. Please check again at a later point.

Language Project: Dutch!


The Dutch Language team is currently looking for new enthusiastic volunteers who are interested in joining our team to help teach and practice Dutch. The Dutch Language Team supports intercultural exchange between people of the refugee and the Maastricht Community – from both sides equally. We aim to create a social space and comfort-zone, where everybody is welcome to help and join. As a tutor you can be involved in teaching the basic or intermediate language groups or be part of our language cafés and other activities. The sessions take place several times a week in a non-hierarchical, respectful and interculturally sensitive environment. The free tutorials do not provide certification, but are meant to be an empowering knowledge pool that helps to keep the participants busy due to a feeling of hope and progress. The sessions are based on communication practice, simulations, everyday life situation practice, vocabulary practice, trips to the city center, picnics and other social events. The outcome is that the volunteers and participants turn into friends that help each other on all social levels of integration and similarly gain new experiences and skills due to the new friendships. If you are interested, please send your CV and motivation to .

Communications Team

Social Media Coordinator

The Social Media Coordinator is responsible for researching, finding and posting relevant content on the RPM social media channels. We are looking for somebody with good knowledge of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to manage our content on these channels, and work with the creative minds in our team to come up with new projects. Additionally, you will be coordinating all of the other Social Media content in correspondence with other team members.

For this position we are looking for someone with good time management and preferably a good knowledge of both English and Dutch!

Website Coordination/ Coding

As the Website coordinator you are responsible for placing the content on the website e.g. creating posts, event listings and adding new static pages.

You will be communicating the needs for the website with other teams and post graphics and texts. For this position we are looking for someone that has experience with a blog system, preferably WordPress, as well as basic knowledge of HTML/ CSS.



Social Events Covering

As the responsible person for the covering of the RPM Social Events, you will visit weekly events organised by other teams and cover them on our Social Media channels and the website. Preferably, you should have basic knowledge of Facebook and in working with a camera. At every event of this kind, you will talk to visitors, shoot some pictures and finally let our community know about it through a nicely-written post on said channels. Your secondary responsibility is to help out in the set-up and running of the event. You should have good knowledge of English.


In this position, you are responsible for the creating and sharing our monthly newsletter. In doing so, you inform locals, refugees, students, supporters and volunteers about past and future events of the RPM and other developments that have occurred in the past month. It is your responsibility to collect information, to design the newsletter in an attractive way, to get the newsletter translated and finally to send it around in time! You get the freedom to be creative with words and design! Good knowledge of both English and Dutch is a plus, since the newsletter is written in both languages. Knowledge of Mailchimp is also an advantage.

Translation Coordination

For RPM we are always in need of translators. We are looking for enthusiastic translators to help us reach a wider audience. We try to be as accessible as possible and therefore we are looking for native speakers in: Arabic, Farsi, French, Russian, and Tigrigna. A good command of the English language is also necessary.

Homework Help


Do you find it so important that young refugees get the same opportunities as all Dutch people? Refugee Project Maastricht wants to help young people from conflict areas to get the best out of themselves by offering lessons in the Dutch language.
We give this tutoring in small groups, so that everyone gets the attention he or she needs. For this we naturally need volunteers! So you master the Dutch language and you are someone who wants to broaden your own horizons, as well as those of our students; Then sign up quickly! Send a short CV and your motivation to

Social Events Team


There are no vacancies at this moment. Please check again at a later point.

Connect Project


Open positions:

The Connect Team is searching for interested people to join our different subgroups and buddy projects. Our goal is to encourage and support people in building lasting, meaningful connections.

Inclusion is not a one-way street, but a process of learning and adapting on both sides. Hence, the Connect team sets up buddies/ groups consisting of refugees, students and Maastricht locals based on their common interests. To learn from each other, to understand different cultures and most importantly to befriend each other.

For this we are searching for volunteers to take in the position of a buddy or for volunteers that help in the organization of the team. Especially Dutch or Arabic/ Farsi speaking volunteers are needed.

Also refugees are more than welcome to volunteer with us and help in organizing projects of their choice. An example for this are Arabic classes taught by Syrian refugees.

Lastly, we are always looking for new inspirations. So if you have an idea for a project that you would like to realize we are happy to work on it together.

The necessary time commitment for volunteers varies. As a buddy you will have a lot of freedom and will independently discuss with your buddy or group the times to meet. Whereas if you want to help setting up a new project or help in organizing the existing ones, more dedication is necessary. The amount of time you have at hand can be discussed beforehand with us to ensure optimal joint effort.

If any of these positions interest you do not hesitate to contact us or ask questions via We can also send you a more elaborate briefing for our projects.