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RPM verwelkomt mensen van verschillende culturen en met verschillende achtergronden. Wij streven naar wederzijds begrip en solidariteit en hopen van elkaar te kunnen leren.

  • Vriendschap

Refugee Project Maastricht gaat over het ontwikkelen van betekenisvolle en langdurige contacten tussen nieuwkomers, studenten en inwoners van Maastricht.

  • Events

Refugee Project Maastricht creates personal opportunities to grow, connect and challenge each other by organising fun, easy going and educational activities.

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RPM is here to connect refugees to the Maastricht Community. That doesn’t stop during the Corona crisis. Learn more about our online alternatives, and visit our facebook page to get in touch.

We’re running online English classes where we pair refugees with volunteers to learn English on their own schedules. We tailor the classes to the needs of the students: some want to speak, others want to improve their grammar or writing – whatever is needed, we do our best to adapt. If you want to volunteer or learn English please email language@refugeeprojectmaastricht.nl


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Learn Dutch without going out of your room! Refugee Project Maastricht offers the opportunity to learn Dutch. Every Monday is the Dutch language café, where we get to know the Dutch language in an informal, relaxed way. For example, we play games, do simulations and discuss topics whilst speaking Dutch.
Link to the Zoom meeting will be uploaded later!


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Every Thursday from 8:00pm to 9:00pm, there is a Dutch lesson, which aims to teach people how to read, write and use the Dutch language. So feel welcome and enjoy the Dutch ‘gezelligheid’.

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Every Friday from 5:00pm to 6:30pm, there is a French lesson, which aims to teach people how to read, write and use the French language. So feel welcome and enjoy the French fun!

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Contribute to our RPM blog

Do you like to write? We would love to have your contributions for our RPM-blog! This month, we have 2 themes: ‘Connection’ and ‘Tradition’. Especially in this time of the Ramadan, this is relevant… You can check out the ‘blog’ section on our website for examples. 

·        You can write in: English, Dutch, Farsi, Arabic
·        Word count: Prose 180-1600 words, poetry 20-800 words
·        Photographs, drawings or other visuals are also greatly appreciated!

Please send your contribution to communications@refugeeprojectmaastricht.nl

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past events (currently discontinued)

Unfortunately, all events below are discontinued until (at least) the 20th of June, due to the current crisis.


Do you want to become part of the RPM family and contribute in a meaningful way to our society?