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Every human being wants to live a happy and fulfilled life. (Re-)building a life in a new country means that new knowledge and skills are necessary in order to achieve that goal, but also that your existing knowledge and skills are validated and appreciated. The Growth Program therefore organizes a variety of classes and training modules, based on the needs and skills of refugees. There are weekly language classes (Dutch, English, Arabic and Turkish) for both refugees and students and the objective in 2021-2022 is to offer daily Dutch language classes and cafés. In addition, the Growth program offers ICT skills training, CV workshops and other entrepreneurial support. RPM offers academic counseling and any other support needed to help refugees follow their dream. In addition, the program enables refugees to share their knowledge and skills with others. We flip the script. Within the Growth program, RPM collaborates with refugees themselves, COA/AZC, UM Career Services, the School of Business and Economics, Vista College and Zuyd University.