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The Health Program offers activities that promote positive mental and physical health of newcomers: various sports (soccer, bouldering, hiking, swimming) for adults and kids (with the Kids Team), yoga and Zumba for women (with the Women’s Team), nutrition advice.
The Health Program aims to keep the refugee and student community in Maastricht active and healthy by offering several opportunities to get involved in sports and by focusing on (mental) health and nutrition. Using the unifying element of sport, volunteers oversee and run weekly/bi-weekly/monthly sports activities such as soccer, Zumba, yoga, meditation, hiking, or new sports activities of their choice. Playing sports together conveys a feeling of togetherness and breaks the isolation newcomers often find themselves in. The Health program also builds on the passion of refugees themselves regarding healthy food. The Health program collaborates closely with COA/AZC and sports associations in Maastricht. For 2021-2022 we aim to collaborate more closely with UM Sports.