History & values

The Refugee Project Maastricht (RPM) is the flagship community service project of student pastorate The InnBetween. RPM was called to life by Aurelia Streit and Arie de Fijter in early 2015 with the vision of building bridges between the newcomers from war-threatened countries, the students, and the Maastricht locals. With immense support from the Maastricht community, the University of Maastricht, the municipality, the InnBetween, and the Dutch state the RPM made its first steps in 2015 by establishing the first contact with the newcomers. Five years later, in 2020, the organisation that started with a few volunteers and big dreams now consists of 25+ projects and 50+ volunteers.

Our mission




We understand that refugees are dependent on the community in which they arrive. However, we also strongly feel that they are hopeful, inventive and intelligent people that wish to develop in their own way. We support and we encourage.

Our aim is to connect people from different cultures and backgrounds on a level where they can meet, connect, and become friends. We try to avoid the traditional term of 'help', which we believe creates social gaps. We opt for an approach aimed at building mutual understanding, solidarity and a sharing of our cultures. We create personal opportunities to grow, connect and challenge each other. We do not see solidarity and care as a political stance but as a moral obligation from one human to another. RPM does stand up for the rights of refugees in Maastricht and beyond and with that in mind, we aim to increase awareness regarding topics like migration policies and refugee rights. 

Our core values

Our strategy

Our projects contribute to three broad objectives, all aimed at creating a community of care, building bridges and empowerment:

    • Advocacy & Awareness #voice #change 
      • Create positive change by awareness raising & activism
      • Story telling with and on behalf of refugees
    • Education & Training #dreams #grow #future #flipthescript
      • Provide skills training
      • Support language acquisition
      • Organize projects that offer long-term perspectives & skills building opportunities
  • Connect & Community #social #fun #safespace #commonground
    • Organize social events & activities
    • Provide safe space for community building & intercultural dialogue